Top 10 Ways Cats Share Our Beds

Stealing pillow space and attacking feet are but two of the many ways cats navigate our beds while we sleep.

"I has a tired." Via Shane Abbot

Most of us cat lovers share our beds with our beloved kitties. Co-sleeping with cats can be the coziest snuggle ever, or a completely wild ride. Sometimes both in the same night! Here are the top ten ways cats share our beds.

10.  They sleep on top of our hair

Those of us with long hair sometimes fan our locks across our pillows before we drift off to Sleepytown. I’ve had various lengths of hair, and have definitely been the victim of the ol’ “cat sacked out on top of my hair” dealio. Occasionally I don’t even know my hair’s being held captive until I try to lift my head and the weight of my cat pulls it right back down.

9. They smell and chew our hair

Even if they don’t curl up on top of our hair, some cats enjoy some casual smelling and even chewing action. If you’ve ever woken up to the sound of a busy cat’s mouth right beside your ear, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Nom, nom, nom.

8. They race across the bed

Just because we’re ready to go to sleep doesn’t mean our cats are in the log-sawing mood. In fact, some kitties suddenly have amped-up energy in the evening and chase one another throughout the house … and across our bed … and across our bed again … and again. You get the idea.

7. They walk across our privates

Cats have some kind of innate sense that tells them exactly where our most sensitive body parts lie. They look at us resting and suddenly see a map of everything – and I mean everything. Ouch, kitty!

6.  They steal our pillows

Kitties are well known pillow thieves. Sure, they love to be near us, but I have the sneaking suspicion they also want to jack our entire pillow. They couldn’t care less if we’re trying to get comfortable on a tiny corner of our cozy headrest. They probably think they’re doing us a favor.

5. They stand on our bladders

Oh, man. Everyone know this one! It’s pretty common to awake with a full bladder. For me, it’s always an internal battle between staying in my warm bed and emptying my uncomfortably tight bladder. Sometimes cats make the decision for us when they decide to stand directly on top of our discomfort. Thanks, kitty!

4. They attack our feet

Moving feet underneath covers is an automatic enemy to cats. Automatic.

3. They steal our spots when we get up

If you’re like me, a few overnight visits to the bathroom are a common occurrence. Also common occurrences are the inevitable migrations of cats to our sleeping spots while we’re peeing in the next room.

2. They spoon with us

Ah, the spoon. How wonderful is it to wake up spooning with a warm, fuzzy feline? Amazingly wonderful!

And the No. 1 way cats share our beds is  … drumroll, please!

1. They completely trap us

Sleeping with more than one cat presents its own interesting situations. You see, multiple cats mean the possibility of waking up completely surrounded and trapped by a number of fuzzbutts. It’s not a bad thing … it just happens. I like to call this move the “Trapper Keeper,” because we’re not going anywhere.

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