Top 10 Times Cats Stop Us in Our Tracks

They trip us, they lie on our keyboards they knock over our stuff. Cats have many ways of making us take breaks.

Sometimes it’s hard to get anything done with cats around. We try and focus, but kitties somehow find a way to make us stop and pay attention to them. And of course we’re total suckers.

Here are the top 10 ways those silly, adorable felines stop us in our tracks.

10. Tripping us
Why is it that cats decide to weave in and out of our legs when we’re carrying something or walking up or down stairs? Tripping us is a definite way to stop us in our tracks. My tailbone can vouch for that!

9. Playing with a toy
When we see one of my cats going nuts over a toy, we just have to stop and watch. Seriously – it’s some of the best entertainment out there. Then, of course, we have to join in with a wand toy or laser, and then we lose all sense of time. We sometimes can’t even remember when we were doing before we stumbled into the cat-toy trap. It’s a rabbit hole, I tell you.

8. Knocking over our glass
Some cats are big tippers – you know, they love to tip over glasses of water. When we hear that sound of a glass hitting the floor, we immediately make a mad dash to the scene, towel in hand. OK, kitty – you have our attention!

7. Intervening during bed-making

Try to make a bed without the “help” of a cat. Haha. Funny, isn’t it? Cats have a gift for halting a proper bed-making process. We either make the bed around or on top of the cat. Or we simply leave the bed unmade. Whatever the case, the cat has twarted our efforts.

6. Lying on top of whatever we’re doing
It’s pretty much impossible to read a book or use a computer keyboard when a cat is lying on top of it. And of course they’re going to hijack of whatever we’re trying to do. Because cats.

5. Making cute sounds

Whether it’s a purr, mew, snore, trill, or chirp – these adorable kitty sounds make us stop and say “Awww!” It’s kind of impossible to ignore those sounds, and we all know it.

4. Staring at us

Sometimes we feel kitty laser-eyes burning right through us. Then we look up and, indeed, see a cat staring at us. What do they want? Food? Playtime? Whatever the case, that stare gets our attention.

3. Rolling over and showing us their belly

Oh, man. We cannot walk past a belly-roll without stopping showering admiration. Some cats allow a belly rub, which is golden. Other cats simply tease us with their fluffy center, and then chomp our hand if we lean in for a rub. Kitty bellies are major distractions, no?

2. Climb into our lap

Who can focus when a kitty curls up in their lap? I can answer that: nobody. Whether we’re watching TV, reading, or simply sitting around, a cat in the lap stops everything for a few minutes while we pet and engage a few sweet words.

And the No. 1 way cats stop us in our tracks is … drumroll, please!

1. Looking generally adorable

Any time a cat is looking cute (which is almost always), we must stop and take notice. It doesn’t matter if they’re staring at a bug on the wall or trying to hide behind a curtain – they’re simply adorable and it’s no surprise that they constantly stop us in our tracks.

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