Top 10 Times Cats Ignore Us

Cats ignore us in all kinds of special ways, during medication time, when we want to sit with them and whenever the carrier comes out.

They notice us and just don't care. Via Jenny Downing/Flickr

I’ve shared some of my favorite moments with cats, but my favorite felines have also given me the cold shoulder more than a few times. Cats are the masters of ignoring people … when it suits them, of course. If there’s food of any kind involved, we’re suddenly their best friends. Oh, kitties.

Here are the top 10 times cats ignore us.

10.  When we need to give them medication
I don’t know about your cats, but mine are no fans of receiving a pill or liquid medication. My Phoebe takes a daily pill, and as soon as she hears the slight shake of the bottle, she pretends like she doesn’t know me … usually from under a table.

9. When they’re after another cat’s food
Do you have any food-jackers in your house? I do, and her name is Saffy. She certainly hears me when I call her to eat her own meal, but when she’s hogging another kitty’s food, she seems to have lost her sense of hearing.

8. When they’re sleeping

I sometimes talk to my cats while they’re sleeping. Usually it’s something sweet like, “Oh, aren’t you are pretty kitty!” They hear me, for sure – I know because an ear cocks. The eyes, however, remain closed. Ignored! I suppose I wouldn’t want anyone talking me me when I’m sleeping.

7. When we’re talking to them
Sure, I talk to my cats when they’re sleeping; however, most of our one-sided conversations happen when they’re awake. Even though they look as though they’re paying attention, they’re typically not engaged whatsoever. I can be inches from Cosmo’s face, and he insists on looking in another direction. Snooty!

6. When we’re trying to get them to enter the carrier
When it’s time to go to the vet, they act like they have no idea who we are, and they sure aren’t walking into that hellish transporter.

5. When they’re standing on top of something we need

Us: “Kitty, I need that jacket – I have to leave.”
Cats: *Crickets*

4. When they’re blocking something we’re trying to do

Whether we’re watching TV, reading a book, or working on the computer, cats want to slip right in front of us, impairing our view. Asking them to move is useless – they’re oblivious. And then we think we’re smart if we physically move them. Nope. They’ll be back in a matter of minutes, ready to ignore us all over again.

3. When we want them to sit with us

My Cosmo is always looking for opportunities to snuggle with me, so this one doesn’t apply to him. The two girls, however, continue to shun my requests for snuggles. I can sometimes cuddle with them if I go to their location, but my calling them to jump on the sofa is pointless. Total cold shoulder.

2. When we’re trying to take a photo of them

Oh, this one happens to me nearly every day. Sometimes they downright refuse to look at me. In fact, they’ll go out of their way to look in the opposite direction. The other scenario goes like this: They do look at me, but as soon as I press the button to take the photo, they turn. I call that the “spurn-n-turn”.

And the No. 1 time cats ignore us is … drumroll, please!

1. Whenever they want to

Try to explain cats – go ahead. Sure, their behavior can be predictable and we can modify our actions to change some behaviors; however they’ll still ignore us at their leisure. They don’t even need a reason; so don’t ask them for one.

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