Top 10 Things I Say to My Cats

"Who wants a treat?" and "Can I have my seat back?" are but two of the many things we regularly say to cats. Find out the top phrases here.

I talk to my cats, and you do too – admit it. And why wouldn’t we? The conversations we have with our feline friends are some of the best ones ever. Kitties “get” us, and we “get” them … even when we’re simply asking them to “get” off the counter.

Here are the top 10 things I say to my three cats.

10. “Tell me a secret.”
When my cat is purring, I like to press his rumbly nose to my ear. The sensation is relaxing and there’s something sweetly intimate about it. While his snoot is resting against my ear, I often ask him to tell me a secret. Then, of course, I pretend like he really is divulging personal information, and respond accordingly … because not replying would be downright rude!

9. “Get off the counter.”

I suppose I could replace “counter” with words like “table,” “shelf,” or “desk.” They’re interchangeable. My Saffy is a total counter cruiser, so she’s no stranger to to this little bit of communication.

8. “Can I have my seat back?”

When I leave my seat for even a few seconds, I usually return to a full-on feline occupation. And when I ask to reclaim what’s rightfully mine, the answer is always “no,” accompanied by a look of indignation.

7. “It’s so hard to be a kitty!”

Cats can be kind of whiny and pout at the slightest bit of irritation when things don’t go their way. You know, it is really is hard to be a kitty. Poor babies.

6. “Who wants a treat?”

Treat time! I ask this question, fully knowing all three of my cats will enthusiastically respond to the offer. I never expect to receive a disinterested response: “Nah, I’m not really in the mood right now.”

5. “And then what happened?”

Phoebe is my chatty girl, and we often have complete conversations. Sometimes I pretend like she’s telling me a story, so “And then what happened?” is the appropriate response. She usually has lots and lots of interesting stories to share with me.

4. “You’re in charge.”

When I leave my house, I typically tell one of the cats “You’re in charge.” What? Someone has to take the helm when the humans are away. How do I decide which kitty to leave in charge? Well, that all depends on who’s been on their best behavior, of course.

3. “Come here.”

This one a common request I make of my cats. I love a nice kitty snuggle, and often ask them to join me on the sofa or bed. Whether or not they comply is another story altogether. Cats are not known conformists.

2. “Who’s a handsome boy/pretty girl?”

I know this is often a question asked of dogs, but I use it on my cats all the time. It’s kind of a silly question because each cat knows he or she is the best-looking, cutest creature ever. Still, I ask it.

And the No. 1 thing I say to my cats is … drumroll, please!

1. “I love you.”

These three little words can’t be stated often enough, and I find every opportunity to say them to my three cats. And they say them back – I swear they do!

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