Top 10 Things Cats Love About Our Shopping Trips

The smells, the prospect of cat presents and the bags, bags, bags! Cats rejoice at our shopping trips.

In general, our kitties love to see us return after we’ve been away from home for a while. Our shopping trips typically take at least an hour, and that’s plenty of time for cats to miss us. It really doesn’t matter how long we’ve gone – we can count on feline assistance and participation in everything that happens when we come back from a shopping trip.

Here are the top ten reasons cats love our shopping trips.

10.  They can take off with receipts
Some cats like to hightail it with small pieces of paper. Receipts pretty much fit the bill. Haha.

9.  They can stare at us
Cats are obsessed with our every move. There’s a lot of activity that comes with bringing purchases from the car to the house – and then the unpacking! The possibilities for staring and obsessing are endless!

8. The pantry or cabinet doors will be open
Curious cats love open cabinets and pantry doors. While we’re putting away our purchases, the likelihood of open doors is off the charts.

7. The new smells
Everything new we bring into our homes has foreign scents. Cats are all about smells and are always at the ready to thoroughly examine each and every item. They’re like furry little TSA agents.

6.  You might have something for them
Of course there’s always the opportunity we’ll have some kind of toy or treat for them. As far as they’re concerned, they’re at the forefront of our thoughts in every moment of the day. Or at least they should be.

5. The bags
Woo hoo! Bags! Any kind of bag is a cat magnet. If kitties see bags come through the door, they’re all over the scene. They’re unstoppable.

4. The boxes
The only things better than bags are boxes! If we happen to bring home a purchase that’s boxed, they feel like they’ve hit the feline jackpot. They don’t even care about the size. They’ll squeeze into a tiny shoebox or sit square in the middle of a giant one that once held large electronics. To a kitty, a box is a box is a box.

3. We might feed them
When we return from any type of outing, cats believe our first priority is to feed them. It makes no difference that it’s hours away from mealtime. Cats don’t give a rip about clocks – their bellies run on their own time. It’s always food o’clock. 

2. Snuggles
Once all our purchases are put away, we just might sit down and rest for a while. This means snuggle time for cats. And we sure don’t mind, do we?

And the No. 1 reason cats love our shopping trips is … drumroll, please!

1. They can generally supervise us

Cats are born supervisors. Not only do they stare at us, examining every movement, they want to be right in the middle of our activity. When we return from a shopping trip, there’s plenty to supervise, and cats will gladly accept overtime in the form of treats.

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