Top 10 Things Cats Love About Our Opening Gifts

The people are playing with paper, ribbons and boxes. What's a cat not to love?

top-10-things-cats-like-about-opening-presents One of the most fun and festive parts of the holiday season is when family and friends gather to exchange and open gifts. The whole scene can sometimes feel chaotic, but in the best possible way. Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy gift-opening parties. Cats can’t get enough of everything that goes along with the activity.

Here are the top ten reasons cats live gift-opening festivities.

10.  People sit on the floor
Cats like to see us sitting on the floor. Maybe it’s because we’re on their level, or perhaps it means it’s easier for them to get nosy with our business — probably the latter. When we’re opening gifts, there’s a lot of business going on, which means a lot of feline nosiness.

9. Empty stockings
Once everyone (cats included) has rummaged through the goodies in their stockings, what’s left? Empty stockings all over the place! What kitty doesn’t like exploring a giant empty sock?

8. Under-the-tree space again!
Many cats enjoy napping the holiday season away while loafed underneath a Christmas tree. When their space becomes crowded with packages and gift bags, naps are no longer festive. Cats go nuts when those pesky gifts finally get out of their sleep zone.

7. New stuff to smell
As humans open gifts, they reveal brand new toys, gadgets, and pieces of clothing. Cats are suddenly presented with a plethora of foreign items to smell. Good times.

6.  Hiding spots
Upside down shirt boxes and sheets of crinkled wrapping paper are the perfect forts for cats on Christmas morning.

5. New clothing on which to nap

Humans often receive gifts of sweaters, underwear, socks, and pajamas. Kids especially toss those boring gifts aside. You know who doesn’t think clothing-related presents are boring? Cats. Those are some fresh new beds.

4. Gift bags and boxes
One of a cat’s holiday highlights is sitting inside a gift bag or box. It doesn’t matter if they’re sitting rightside-up or on their sides – it’s a gift bag or box and it’s pure magic. Bonus if there’s wrapping tissue inside.

3. Wads of discarded wrapping paper
Oh, glorious wads of paper! And of all sizes and colors! A cat could lose his mind over the excitement that goes along with the seemingly neverending supply of battable paper wads.

2. Happy people = more treats
It’s a pretty good bet that people opening gifts are in a good mood. Who doesn’t like to tear open fun packages filled with mystery goodies? Kitties know that when their people are jolly, the treats flow.

And the No. 1 reason cats love gift-opening festivities is  … drumroll, please!

1. Giant playground!
The joyful aftermath of most gift-opening sessions includes layers of ripped paper, gift bags, tissue paper, and boxes of all sizes. Cats can race through a room a dozen or more times while reveling in the wild and varied entertainment. It’s like a giant playground, and the opportunities for play are endless. Kitties silently curse us when we haul out the garbage bags are start collecting their “toys.”

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