Top 10 Things Cats Do in the Morning

They're our alarm clocks and bathroom buddies from the get-go. See our cats' favorite morning habits.

Cats love mornings – that’s a fact. If our kitties don’t spend their nights snuggled flat up against us, they tend to join us in bed before our alarm clocks start buzzing. They don’t want any machine taking their job, after all. This week, we count down the top 10 things about cats and mornings.

10. They lounge on the clothes we’ve laid out for the day
If we lay anything on our bed, it automatically becomes a cat’s lounging area. This is why it’s a great idea to buy clothing that matches our cats’ fur … or, like most of us, become comfortable spending a lifetime dusted with a layer or three of the fuzzy stuff. All the cool kids are wearing it.

9. They remind us to go to the bathroom
That not-so-subtle walk across our full bladders makes sure of that. Those paws really know how to nail those key body parts, don’t they?

8. Kitties get under-the-covers playtime
Like kitties, we humans like to stretch when we open our eyes. And when this happens, our feet move under the covers. And when this happens, we automatically become a cat toy. If our eyes haven’t already popped open, this routine is a guaranteed wake-up notice.

7. We get early morning huffs
What’s better than the smell of coffee in the morning? The smell of cat belly! That first cat huff of the day is just the best, isn’t it? Oh, if we could only enjoy a warm huff any time of day!

6. Bathroom buddies!
Seriously – could we visit the bathroom without feline accompaniment? What with the showering, toileting and teeth brushing, it’s constant entertainment for the cats in our lives.

5. The staring – all the staring

Lots of intense staring. No explanation necessary.

4. It’s cat food before coffee

If we think we’re getting coffee before our cats get fed, we’re in for a real laugh. The cats are the ones laughing at us. I suppose we have to get our priorities in line.

3. They’re happy to see us
What’s sweeter than to wake up to a cat’s fuzzy face? Or multiple cats with fuzzy faces? “Good morning!” And then also, “Feed us!” Yeah, that’s the general order of things. But still, they’re happy to see us.

2. We don’t need an alarm
When we have cats, there’s no need for an alarm clock. We have a clock that’s perfectly programmed, and even has endless snooze alarms if we decide we’re not quite ready to roll out of bed – especially on the weekends.

And the No. 1 thing about cats in the morning is … drumroll, please!

1. Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles
Of course, we can all agree the best things about cats in the morning are the snuggly cuddles from the kitties who are so happy to see us. This is, of course, after the staring, under-the-covers playtime, and alarm-clocking. Those kittty cuddles – they’re worth the wait!

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