Top 10 Reasons Why Cats Would Love Summer Camp

Kitchen duty? Bug collecting? Tents?? Cats love all the things that go with summer camp.

I never had the opportunity to attend summer camp in my youth, and was always a little jealous when my friends returned with stories of campfires, games, and sing-alongs. There’s so much to do at summer camp, and I think cats would have a heck of a good time participating in some of the activities.

Of course I know cats can’t go to summer camp, but stay with me. This is not a serious post – unless you know of such a camp, in which case you must immediately notify me so I can register my three kitties STAT.

Here are the top 10 reasons cats would love summer camp.

10. Building a birdhouse
Cats would be far more interested in the final result than the actual building of the birdhouse. They’d marvel over how their own handiwork could attract so many birds! Totally worth the splinter in the paw and fight with counselors over how many birdhouses one could make in a single sitting. More houses = more birds. Obviously. Camp counselors could be such buzzkills.

9. Morning yoga
Many campers start the day with some sort of exercise. Yoga would be a popular activity among the kitty campers. They’d eventually get rid of the yoga mats because the cats couldn’t refrain from chewing on them.

8. Games
Cats love to play, so they’d look forward to a variety of games during their stay at summer camp. Chase and hide-and-seek would be crowd favorites. The potato sack race would eventually be tossed out because the cats would crawl inside the sacks and go to sleep.

7. Nature hikes
So much to discover on nature hikes! Cats would become overwhelmed with the plants and assorted creatures on the trails. Some kitties would stray and others would stop and roll around on top of something disgusting. All in all, it’d be a memorable experience for everyone involved.

6. Bug collecting
Cats are excellent bug collectors, and would come to summer camp with a bit of practice under their belts. Some cats would become obsessed with the local bugs and stay out past curfew, tracking fireflies and beetles. No one would snitch on them, of course.

5. Kitchen duty
Yes! The opportunity to work up-close-and-personal with food! Any camper would jump at the chance to help prepare and serve meals, but everyone would know the best part of the job would be the cleanup portion. Some cats would eat so much and wind up rolling around like Templeton the rat in “Charlotte’s Web.” There would be a waiting list for this volunteer job, for sure.

4. Tents
Kitties enjoy a good hideout, and camping tents would provide just that kind of cool getaway – the smaller the tent, the better.

3. Trees
Summer camps are usually set in wooded areas, which means lots of trees for climbing! Also, squirrels and birds hang out in trees – bonus! When a camper would go missing, the trees would be the first place a counselor would look.

2. Crafts
Crafting means lots of cool stuff to bat around and chew. Very few cats would complete a wallet or keychain, but the supplies would have to be discarded due to excessive chew marks and drool.

And the No. 1 is reason cats would love summer camp is … drumroll, please!

1. Bunk beds

Cats spend a lot of time on beds while they’re at home. They’re comfortable, and there are generally sheets and covers under which they can hide. A bunk bed would be twice as appealing! They could sit on the top bunk and survey their area, or hide on the bottom bunk when they’d prefer a little privacy. It’s like a cat tree, but bigger, and with blankets. Score!

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