Top 10 Reasons That Cats Would Be Great First Dates

They'd look exactly like their profile pictures and wouldn't ask a million creepy questions. Cats would crush first dates.

I’m not out in the dating world, but if I was, I’d have total edgy nerves about first dates, especially ones I met through a dating site. I’d want to offer a winning first impression, but I’d also hope my date would be kind of magical.

Just for the sake of considering something completely ridiculous, let’s think about how cats would fare as first dates. Nothing weird or romantic, of course, but an evening out with a cat would be pretty idea. I think you’ll agree.

Here are the top 10 reasons cats would make awesome first dates!

10.  They’d look exactly like their online profile picture
When we meet someone from a dating site, we never know if they’re going to look like the photo that represents their profile. They, of course, want to post the pic that accentuates all their best features, and makes them look extra foxy. Cats don’t have any hidden agendas. They’d look identical to their profile pic, perfect from head to tail.

9.  They wouldn’t ask a million creepy questions
Cats just want to be with us. Sure, they sometimes stare at us like little creepers, but they’d never ask weird questions about the color of our underwear.

8. They’d smell good
A cat’s natural small is outstanding. Sometimes they smell like fresh laundry, and other times they might smell earthy. We never know if our first date is going to show up doused in some kind of nasty cologne. With cats, we’d always expect a glorious scent.

7. They’d have whatever we’re having
In general, cats are interested in whatever we’re eating – there’s not a lot of fussing involved. This would make dates quite simple – they’d probably even want to share a plate. And if the cat would happen to detest the meal, no worries – he’d change his mind in five minutes and suddenly like it.

6.  They’d tell it like it is
Kitties don’t pull any punches. If they aren’t fond of how we hold them, or if we take away their laundry basket, they have a few choice looks for us. Honesty is key in any relationship, even as soon as the first date.

5. They’d be laid back

Seriously, who’s more laid back than a cat? Totally chill date.

4. They’d be super cute

With cats, we don’t have to worry about looks. They’re all adorable, and everyone would be jealous of our cute date.

3. We wouldn’t mind if they slept over
Sometimes first dates end with the question of “Should I let him sleep over?” With cats, the question is simple. We always want them to sleep over. A kitty snuggle is the perfect way to end a date!

2. They’re clean

Who’s cleaner than a cat? We could expect a well-bathed first date, and also several bath breaks during the date.

And the No. 1 reason cats would make awesome first dates is … drumroll, please!

1. They’d think we’re awesome
We wouldn’t have to spend one second worrying if our date would find us attractive, funny, and smart. Kitties automatically think we’re the cat’s pajamas. Total confidence booster!

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