Top 10 Reasons That Cats Make the Best Friends

Cats are good listeners who make us laugh and never judge our appearances. Cats are the best friends we could ask for.

I know lots of cat lovers (including myself) who believe cats are way more loveable and pure than humans. They offer a listening ear (even if it’s an airplane ear), an honest opinion, and don’t care a bit if we spend an entire weekend in the same flannel jammies. These qualities certainly make our feline buddies the best of friends.

In the spirit of true and loving companionship, this week we’ll count down the ten greatest reasons cats are top shelf in the friend department.

10. They like food as much as we do
One of the best parts of hanging out with friends is chowing down and socializing. Cats love chowing down, and would definitely be extra social when we offer food.

9. They don’t choose romance over friendship
It can be frustrating when a best friend decides to spend more time with a significant other rather than chilling with us – this is especially true if the romance is new. Cats only choose romance over us if they haven’t been spayed or neutered. Look! Another benefit to the good ol’ spay and neuter!

8. They make sure we don’t oversleep
Who needs an alarm clock when a cat’s available to let us know when it’s time to drag our lazy butts out of bed? If we’re late for work, it’s our own darn fault – the cats tried. 

7. They make us slow down
It’s difficult to walk past a cat who’s looking oh-so adorable. And it seems like our kitties know just when to strike a cute little post, and it’s right when we need to slow down and take a break. Petting a cat is the best stress relief out there, and we don’t even need a prescription! Now that’s friendship!

6. The don’t care what we look like
We can wear our scrappiest sweats, no makeup, and sport the darkest eye-circles, and cats couldn’t give a rip. Total besties.

5. They don’t gossip

Stop the gossip already! A cat is not “that friend” who wants to trash talk about everybody else’s dirty laundry. They only care about our laundry … clean or dirty.

4. They make us laugh
Cats are incredibly sweet and hopelessly adorable, but they’re also downright hilarious, and they don’t even have to try. Kitties have the most hysterical expressions, and who can resist a giggle when their ears are flipped inside out?

3. They’re good listeners

Cats will listen to our endless rants, special secrets and silly banter all day long. And guess what? They never interrupt.

2. They’re honest
It’s a rare moment when we have to guess how a cat feels about a particular situation. They’re straight up with us, and isn’t that a great quality in a best friend?

And the No. 1 reason cats make the best friends is… drumroll, please!

1. They love us unconditionally
They look right past our mistakes, flaws, dirty dishes, and love the crap out of us. They just want to make sure there’s a bowl for their dinner. Unconditional love is the best friendship gift of all.

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