Top 10 Reasons It’s Great To Cuddle Cats

Cuddling cats slows us down, warms us up and might even bring world peace. See why.

We love to cuddle cats. Via Gina Cioli/Lumina Media

Cat-cuddling is an excellent idea for endless reasons. The whole experience is joyful, healing, heart-melting, and sometimes kind of silly. I think if everyone cuddled a cat at least once a day, world peace just might occur. I’m not even kidding about that. Cats = world peace.

Here are the top 10 reasons it’s great to cuddle cats.

10. They don’t judge our entertainment choices.

So what if we want to curl up and binge The Bachelorette? Cats aren’t going to make fun of us. They love it when we binge-watch shows because that means they get extended snuggle time.

9.  They make excellent foot warmers.

Has one or more of your cats ever plopped on top of your feet? Forget about those microwaveable slippers – cats are nonstop coziness for chilly tootsies.

8. They conform to our bodies.

Kitties are pliable. They flatten themselves against us, no matter what position we’re in. It’s like spooning times a million.

7. They make cute noises while sleeping.

Cats usually fall asleep at some point mid-cuddle. The most adorable noises come from snoozing kitties. Sometimes it’s a coo while they’re stretching, and other times it’s light (or sometimes heavy) snoring and dream-induced chirps. Cuteness overload, to be sure!

6.  They smell good.

When we cuddle cats, our noses get up-close-and-personal with their fur. What is it about the scent of a cat? They smell so good nearly all the time! Sometimes it’s a fresh linen fragrance, but then there are unidentifiable aromas that are completely intoxicating. Huff away, friends!

5. We can rub their ears.

Kitties have the silkiest ears. When they’re quietly cuddled beside us, we get a chance to rub those sweet things. Most cats will not try to stop us.

4. We get to hear purring.

A happy cat will likely share his joy by vibrating with meditative purrs. They’re meditative to the kitty and to the human cuddling him. Win-win!

3. We can examine them.

I don’t mean “examine” in a medical sort of way. I’m referring to our adoring gaze as we pore over every sweet inch of our kitties’ fuzzy frames. They really are works of art, and they belong in galleries … or our laps.

2. They make us slow down.

I’m sure you’ll agree that when we’re snuggled up with a cat, we don’t feel like doing anything else. There’s no place we’d rather be! Many times, this is a good thing, especially for those of us who live life at warp speed and rarely take time to relax and just “be.” Cats are experts at “being.” And the No. 1 reason it’s great to cuddle cats is …

1. Their looks of love.

You know that soft-eyed look our cats give us when they’re in that magical love-zone? The look that completely melts us into puddles of goo? When we cuddle cats, there’s a good chance we’re going to be on the receiving end of one of those looks. Day-maker!

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