Top 10 Reasons Cats Love When We Wrap Gifts on the Floor

The rolly pens, the floaty tissue paper and oh those gift bags -- cats love our floor giftwrapping sessions.

The holiday season is here, and that means most of us become wrappers … gift wrappers, that is. Even though it’s way easier on our backs – and less hassle from our feline friends — to do all this present-wrapping business standing up at a table our counter, we sometimes plop our supplies onto the floor, signaling the “help” of every cat in the house. They’re like fuzzy little elves who are constantly at the ready to dive right in and spread a little holiday cheer – and a lot of kitty chaos. Especially kitty chaos.

Here are the top ten reasons cats like to find us wrapping gifts on the floor.

10.  We might have food or drink nearby
Wrapping gifts is hard work, and we usually like to have some sustenance to get us through the “present moments.” Should the opportunity of snagging a piece of cheese or sticking a paw in a cup of water arise, cats want to be ready and available.

9. An open lap is readily available
When we sit on the floor, there’s a sudden open-house on prime real estate, and that real estate is our laps.

8. Rolls of sticky tape are here and there
Some cats are obsessed with tape. They love the free-range tape rolls that come along with holiday gift-wrapping that happens on the floor.

7. Pens and pens and pens
Pens are highly swattable objects, and we need them to to complete the gift tags on our packages. Pens get easily lost among the rolls of paper colorful bags, so we tend to have a few of them in the wrapping mix. More pens = more cat toys! Swaaaat!

6.  Tubs to explore
Many of us store our gift-wrapping supplies in tubs. An open tub is an open invitation to a cat.

5. Paper to stand on
When we roll paper across the floor, cats are all like, “A new horizontal surface! I must stand on it!”

4. Tissue paper

Crinkly tissue-paper layers can easily become battable balls when in the right paws. Plus, for whatever reason, cats enjoy chewing on the tissue. A snack and a toy – score!

3. Supplies to cover with their bodies

“Supplies!” – I mean “Surprise!” The cat stands up, and suddenly there are five pens we thought we lost! Apparently, cats like trying to hatch them.

2. Gift bags to climb inside
Just when we have the perfect gift all bagged up, with the perfect amount of decorative tissue floofing from the top, the bag starts moving. Because there’s a cat inside, nestled among the floof.

And the No. 1 reason cats like us wrapping gifts on the floor is … drumroll, please!

1. Boxes!

Gift-wrapping isn’t complete without piles of shirt boxes, shoeboxes, and a multitude of oddly-shaped boxes. Cats basically think they’ve crossed over to box nirvana and they’d be happy if they never returned – especially because they’d also have five pens, a roll of tape, and some cheese. Happy Holidays!

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