Top 10 Most Read & Shared BirdChannel Facebook Articles In 2015

What were you reading and sharing this year? Find out.

What were you reading and sharing this year? You wanted to know about cockatiels and Cheri Ami. You wanted everyone to see 5 parrots they hadn’t seen before. You laughed over our 50 Shades of Grey parody movie poster, and much more! Check out the most shared and read articles of this year.

1) 11 Common Parrot Misconceptions Debunked
There’s some stuff about parrots that just isn’t true. Find out what they are.

2) Meet The Cockatiel
Native to Australia, the cockatiel is an extremely social bird that makes a sweet, loving pet for anyone of any age.

3) Our take on “50 Shades of Grey.”

Shades of Grey


4) The Pigeon That Saved 194 Soldiers
During World War I, Cher Ami, a black cheek pigeon, flew against all odds and helped save the 77th Infantry Division.

5) Cockatiel Returns Home After Going Missing for 7 Months
An Australian couple gets their bird back seven months after it flew out their front door.

6) 5 Parrots You Might Have Never Seen Before
These parrots look nothing like the birds you’ve seen before.

7) Rescuer Trying To Find Owner Of African Grey Who Flew Into A UK School Classroom
Anyone who might be missing a parrot is encouraged to contact the parrot rescue.


8) What You Need To Know About Psittacine Beak & Feather Disease
Learn the basics behind this disease.

9) 3 Things You Should Know About How Parrots “Feel?lt;/strong>
Do you ever feel like there someone is watching you? There is Šand its probably your parrot.

10) VIDEOS: Watch These Birds Sing Christmas Carols
These parrots know how to get into the holiday spirit.

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