Top 10 Most Kissable Places On Cats

Of the many cuddly/adorable/kissable cat spots, these are the best.

MMMMMWWWWAHHH. Via Harold Kanins/Flickr

Cats can’t help it – they’re highly kissable! We humans love to bestow affection upon those we love, and cats are at the top of the list for many of us.

Here are the Top 10 most kissable places on cats!

10. Feet

Kissing the top of a fuzzy cat foot can be downright dreamy. There are some who venture to the jellybean paw pads, but others just don’t want to put their lips on those beans. Whatever the case, cat feet are completely kissable!

9. Ears

Silky cat ears are just asking for a kiss. I like to rub the ear between my fingers before I kiss it. You know that fluffy tuft behind a kitty’s ear? Yeah, that’s the sweet spot. That’s some bunny-quality fuzz right there! Smooch!

8. Side of belly

When cats lie on their side, they expose a lot of kissable side-belly space. They usually don’t mind kisses in that area, although some cats are fussier than others. I particularly enjoy laying my lips on sun-kissed kitty fur. Next time you do this one, lean in for a lingering huff – you’ll thank me later.

7. Lips

I know cats don’t have lips, per se; however, you know to what I’m referring. This is a full-on smack – kisser to kisser. This kind of kiss is highly controversial. There are those in the “gross!” camp, and others in the “heck yes!” camp. I’m in the latter group, and not afraid admit my penchant for kissing kitty “lips.”

6. Belly

This well-known danger zone offers a quick, yet luxurious kissing experience. With most cats, we must wait until they’re fast asleep, and then lean in for a smooch. It’s hard to remove one’s face once buried in that forest of fluff. Many of us have learned to kiss, huff, and rapidly remove our faces. This learning has usually come by way of a swift rabbit-kick to the face.

5. Neck

The feline neck is the perfect shape for an incoming face. Again, we typically have to wait until the cat is asleep, or at least extraordinarily relaxed. I think the best part of snagging a neck kiss is the sweet body warmth that accumulates in that area. Score!

4. Bridge of nose

The bridge of a kitty’s nose is so darn silky. I like to rub my index finger from the spot between the eyes all the way down to the leathery nose. Then I lean in and park my lips right in the middle of that silky bridge.

3. Cheek

I call the area the “cheek,” but it’s really the side of the muzzle – you know, where the whiskers live. My favorite way to perform this peck is to first smooth the whiskers, and then kiss right on top of them.

2. Top of the head

This is an easy one, and probably one of the most common places we kiss our kitties. They typically don’t protest, and the top of the head is and easy in-and-out. And the No. 1 most kissable pace on cats is … drumroll, please!

1. Everywhere!

The absolute best is when the kitty is so relaxed and open to the incoming smooches that he gives you the all-access pass to his fuzzy little body. This is a rare occurance with my cats, but when I get to kiss them from the top of their heads to the tips of their tails … well, I’m pretty sure that’s what heaven feels like.

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