Top 10 Most Beautiful Pet Birds

Help the editors of BIRD TALK Magazine and decide which species is the most beautiful pet bird.

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The BIRD TALK editors have discovered that we don’t agree on the top 10 most beautiful pet bird species. (Check out an article we did on this topic here.) Each BIRD TALK editor created her own Top 10 list. Check out the lists and tell us which editor has the better Top 10 Most Beautiful Pet Bird Species List, and then tell us which pet bird species you think we left off. Remember to not just only include parrots! The lists are in no particular order.

Editor Laura Doering’s List:
1) Double yellow-headed Amazon(mature)
2) Hyacinth macaw
3) Black-masked lovebird (blue mutation)
4) Jardine’s parrot
5) Crimson-bellied conure
6) Female Solomon Islands Eclectus
7) Diamond dove
8) Bourke’s parakeet
9) Major Mitchell’s cockatoo
10) Rose-breasted cockatoo

Editorial Director Melissa Kauffman’s List:
1) Hyacinth macaw
2) Scarlet macaw
3) Eclectus (male or female)
4) Black palm cockatoo
5) Rose-breasted cockatoo
6) Gouldian finch
7) Hawk-headed parrot
8) Rainbow lory
9) Golden conure
10) Toucan

Associate Editor Jessica Pineda’s List:
1) Hyacinth macaw
2) Scarlet macaw
3) Golden conure
4) Plum-headed parakeet (male)
5) Sun conure
6) Rosella
7) Peach-faced lovebird
8) Eclectus (male or female)
9) Princess of Wales parakeet
10) Goldie’s lorikeet

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