Top 10 Dog Travel Tips for Memorial Day

Stress-free holiday travel with a dog in tow requires planning and a few supplies.

This Memorial Day, many pet owners plan to hit the road for a weekend getaway, and many will do so with the family cat or dog.

For those who are taking pets along for the ride, additional preparations can help make the difference between a stress-free holiday and a trip ruined by anxious moments for the animals and the humans, according to PurinaCare pet insurance. For a relaxing time off, the company says pet owners need to be aware of the tools necessary to care for pets while away from home.

To help prepare families and their pets for the busy travel season, the company offers the following 10 pet travel tips.

  1. Take updated vaccination and medical records with you.
  2. Carry a copy of your veterinarian’s business card or phone number.
  3. Pack any medications (including heartworm prevention).
  4. Make sure the information on your dog’s collar is updated.
  5. Have a leash and harness easily accessible.
  6. Pack containers of water for rest stops; plan to stop at least every two hours.
  7. Have an adequate supply of pet food in a watertight container.
  8. Never leave pets in the car. Plan stops at pet-friendly locations.
  9. Look for pet-friendly hotels and call ahead to make reservations.
  10. For cats, carry a litterbox and supply of litter.
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