Top 10 Cat Stories of 2015

A kayaking kitten, a cat who saved a baby and a family who chose a sofa over their pet all made the news last year in the cat world.

These cats touched our lives over the past year.

Cats were up to a lot in 2015, and we covered the cat news that made headlines. The following news items topped the list of most-read CatChannel posts of 2015.

1. Remember Rosie the Kitten Who Thinks She’s a Husky? Now She’s Kayaking with Her Pack.

Little kitten Rosie and her canine family of Husky dogs hit the water for kayaking adventures.

2. Baby Survives Freezing Temperatures Thanks to Cat

A cat saves an abandoned baby from freezing to death.

3. World’s Oldest Living Cat Announced
New Guinness World Record, World’s Oldest Living Cat, goes to 27-year-old San Diego tortoiseshell.

4. New Internet Debate: Is the Cat Going Up or Down the Stairs?

Some say up, some say down, while others say this cat is going nowhere.

5. Cat Heartbroken After Being Given Up for a Couch

Tiger Tim ended up at a shelter and became so distraught that he wouldn’t touch is food.

6. Cat Killed by Vet Was Pet

Veterinarian’s cat-killing goes viral, leaves the nation outraged.

7. From Kittens to Cats: Before and After Photos

A group of cats and their humans recreate photos taken when their felines were kittens.

8. Child Shelters Cat from Storm

A little boy protected a cat and her kittens from heavy rains in Manila.

9. Cat Explains Football to a Kitten

A cat gives his perspective on what the Super Bowl is all about.
10. 90 Cats and Counting

Woman turns home into haven for cats — 122 cats. Plus a husband and two kids.

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