Top 10 Cat Looks

The paw-over-face, the peeky fang, the drooly ... what are some favorite faces that cats give you?

Cats are masters of expression. Within a matter of minutes, their faces can go from annoyed to silly to adorable to pure love. Minutes, I tell you! My kitties constantly keep me entertained with their library of looks – here are ten of my favorites. It was difficult to number them, but I did my very best. I’m sure all cat lovers can relate to most of the list. I’m not gonna lie – I probably had way too much fun writing this post. Seriously, who doesn’t love thinking about cat looks?

10. Drooly
Some cats drool when they’re happy. My Cosmo is one such cat. Once his motor starts revving, the drool faucet starts dripping.  I love the tiny drops of drool I see hanging from his little chin. Some say gross, but I say adorable.

9. Snout down
You know how sometimes, as a cat is falling asleep, his snout slowly drops until it’s flat against the surface on which he’s lying? How do they even breathe? This look is weird, mysterious, and absolutely hysterical.

8. Yawn
I love catching a peek at yawning cat. It’s even better when I can manage the perfect, non-blurry, mid-yawn pic. Is that a yawn or a mighty roar? Rawr! 

7. Ear flip
OK, this one kills me every time. Cats can look so smug, but with the addition of the inside-out ear flip, they look smug and silly. They kind of cancel each other out, I think.

6. Peeky fang
Again with the funny! I’ve seen some great photos of cats whose single fang is sticking out all snaggletooth-like. I don’t know why, but that peeky fang makes kitties look like total badasses.

5. Airplane ears

I know the airplane ears mean a cat’s irritated, but I can’t help but giggle a bit when I see the wings in position to take off into the wild blue yonder.

4. Smile
Some people deny it, but I swear they smile – and don’t try to tell me otherwise.

3. Paw over face

Every cat lover knows this one. Kitty is sleeping and then suddenly stretches, and when he comes back to curling up, a single paw rests right over the face. It’s like he’s saying, “Enough already! I’m trying to sleep!” OK, but first let me get my camera.

2. Peeky tongue
Oh, man – the peeky tongue is a true treasure. This happens when a cat is bathing and somehow the tongue forgets to completely retract into the mouth. Sometimes kitty will let that tongue peek for several minutes. If I’m lucky, I’ll snap a pic of peeky tongue before it disappears. Oftentimes I’m not all that lucky.

And the No. 1 best cat look is … drumroll, please!

1. Love

Hands down, the best look ever is that heartfelt look of love. When my cats’ eyes meet mine with that warm gaze, I melt into a pile of pure goo. Don’t lie – you do the same thing. We’re all just a bunch of gooey piles when it comes to our kitties.

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