Top 10 Cat Eye Looks

Ping-pong eyes, slits, single wink -- cats express themselves with an abundance of eye looks. Here are some faves.

Cats have the most expressive eyes, don’t they? It usually isn’t difficult to know exactly what kitties are feeling in any given moment. With felines, the eyes truly are the windows to the soul … and the monster clue that they’re super excited about a popped can of food!

Here are the top 10 things cat eye looks!

10.  Ping-pong eyes
You know that look they get when they’re following something back and forth? Like they’re watching a ball in a ping-pong match? Yeah, that one.

9.  Closed eyes
When kitties are sleeping, their closed eyes look sweet and peaceful. Or else they’re totally ignoring us and pretending to sleep. Either way – cute!

8. Slits
They appear completely zoned out when they’re sporting the eye slits. This can be a common look after chillin’ with some catnip.

7. Third eyelid
As a cat falls asleep, we sometimes see that odd-looking, inner eyelid appear. It looks a little ghostly to me, but still cool. It’s not so cool, however, if that third eyelid remains, because that means the cat could be sick. Get that look checked out with a vet!

6.  Eyes rolled back
To me, this is a satisfying look because I see it a lot when I’m scratching under my cat’s chin and she’s purring. It’s complete feline ecstasy!

5. Single wink
I often spend several minutes looking into my cat’s eyes. Because you’re cat lovers, I know you won’t think that’s weird at all. In fact, you likely spend a fair amount of time doing the same thing. When my kitty gives me a single wink, I wink back at him. It’s flirty in the sweetest possible way!

4. Pre-meal excitement
When a cat hears that can of food pop open, or the rattle of a kibble bag, watch out! Those eyes nearly pop right out of his head – you know, like in a cartoon! I halfway expect to hear some kind of eye-popping sound effect to accompany the look. That’d be hysterical, don’t you think?

3. Fierce and narrowed
Kitties enjoy stalking prey, even if it’s a chewed-up, soggy catnip mouse that’s about 1,000 years old. The fierce stalking moves include the narrowed eyes, zooming in on the “kill.” This is one of those times when our cats think they’re 100 times larger and wilder than they actually are. After they catch that soggy prey, they’ll probably play with it a little while and then snuggle up with us for a cozy nap. That part is not quite as fierce, but equally wonderful.

2. Double blink
Many cat lovers know this double blink is a kitty’s way of saying “I love you,” and is actually sometimes called the “I love you blink.” It’s a heart-melter, for sure, and I always return that blink – usually more than once! You can’t say, “I love you” too often, right?

And the No. 1 cat eye look is … drumroll, please!

1. Look of love

Talk about healt-melting! Wowzers. Who can resist that pure, soft, loving gaze our kitties give us during quiet moments? I know I want to look into those sweet eyes forever. If I could climb inside those eyes, I would. Well, maybe not – that’d be kind of gross. Still! That gaze!

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