Top 10 Cat Behaviors We Can Use On Haters

Cats have great reactions, some of which would totally quiet the haters of the world.

For those who don’t like cats, here is a list of cat behaviors to ponder. Via Cat Fancy/Flickr

We all have at least a few haters in our lives … you know, meanies, naysayers, negative Nellies. Sometimes it’s a challenge to be around those folks, right? Can’t we all just get along? Cats can teach us a thing or two about dealing with the sour apples in the bunch.

Here are the top 10 cat behaviors we can use on haters.

10.  Strut your stuff

Cats are the models of confidence. Even when they misstep, they act like they meant to do it. Don’t let haters steal your confidence– strut, baby!

9.  Hiss

Sometimes we get a little frustrated and need to vent. It’s OK to get our hiss on now and again.

8. Don’t be afraid to look silly

Wear those crazy striped pants you love so much – who cares if some people are gonna make fun of your fashion choice. Do you think cats really give a rip when they’re walking around with an ear flipped inside out? Not a chance. Even if the flip were a conscious one – they wouldn’t care one bit.

7. Ask for what we want

Want to have a second serving of pie? Go for it. Let the haters judge all day long – they’re only jealous. Cats don’t think twice about requesting (demanding) more treats.

6.  Be persistent

If at first you don’t succeed … well, you know the rest. There are always going to be onlookers who gain joy by our failures. Don’t let them suck the moxie out of us! Let’s get back out there! Do you think cats are gonna stop chasing that red dot anytime soon? For real.

5. Remember that nobody’s the boss of you

For the most part, we get to make our own choices. If it feels good, do it – don’t let meanies boss you around and tell you it has to be their way. Unless it’s a cat – they’re grandfathered in as the boss of us.

4. Zen out

Clear your anxious thoughts and focus on the positive. Even when some people want to rain on our parades, let’s look for the rainbow. OK, that’s total cheeseball, but absolutely true. Cats are the best meditators out there. And they like cheese.

3. Play alone

If someone doesn’t want to play nicely, let ‘em go! There are many times when it’s way more joyful to hang alone than spend time with haters. Cats like company, but they’re just as happy playing a one-cat game of milk-jug-ring hockey.

2. Look the other direction

You know when we’re trying to snap a great photo of our cats, and just as we press the button, they look the other direction? We can do the same thing with the icky people in our lives. When they start talking trash, change the subject. And the No. 1 cat behavior we can use on haters is …

1. Close our eyes, even if we’re not sleeping

How many times do our cats look like they’re sleeping? We can do the same thing … metaphorically, that is. Ignore the behavior! Haters gonna hate.

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