Top 10 Cat Alter Egos

Art, seat-saver and alarm clock -- cats have lots of secondary roles.

A cat is never “just a cat.” They take on more roles than we’d ever have the capacity to detail in one online post. There are a few, however, with which we can all probably identify.

Here are the top ten alternative identities of cats.

10.  Foot warmer
Who needs cozy socks when a kitty curls up on top our your feet? Cats are better than any fuzzy foot covering on the market. Sock it to us, kitty!

9. Bookmark

Books are cat magnets. When we’re reading, our cats are curious about our activity, especially because it noticeably doesn’t include them. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons they enjoy plopping themselves right on top of our reading material. The upside is they don’t let is lose our place if we have to get up to retrieve cat treats … or something else really important like that.

8. Massage therapist

Cats are kneady little lovers. Their “massages” can feel a little stabby sometimes, but there’s sweet kitty-love that comes along with each push of the paw. Occasionally they really do hit those sore muscles. Bonus!

7. Seat-saver
If we happen to vacate our seats to visit the bathroom or grab a snack, we never have to worry about another human snagging our spot. You see, cats will hop right onto those empty seats, and even keep the warm. They’re not always so willing to turn the seats back over to us, but that’s a different story altogether.

6.  Entertainer
Television can become boring and full of reruns. When they’re not sleeping – and even sometimes when they are – cats provide all the nonstop comedy and drama we’ll ever need to watch. And we don’t even need a satellite dish to access it!

5. Super model

Oh yeah, baby … work it! When kitties decide to cooperate with us for a picture or two, they can be quite the little models. All we have to do is look at our social media feeds to find beauty that rivals anything we’ll see on the pages of Vogue.

4.  Heating pad

Having a spell of bad monthly cramps? Kitty to the rescue! Sore lower back? Just let Mr. Boots press his warm body against it. It’s a snuggle that’s downright medicinal.

3. Art
We visit art galleries and gaze at gorgeous works of art … sometimes for an entire day! I think we can all appreciate the feline art that lives among us. Most of us have no trouble admitting we spend copious amounts of time simply staring at our cats, especially while they’re sleeping.

“Even the smallest feline is a masterpiece” –Leonardo da Vinci

2. Alarm clock
Like it or not, it’s the truth. Cats won’t let us miss a wake-up call … especially because it usually means they get fed.

And the No. 1 alternate identity of a cat is … drumroll, please!

1. Therapist

When we’re sad, cats are there to comfort us. They listen to our rants without judgement. They lift our spirits, and sometimes give us a reason to get out of bed in the morning. That’s some good therapy.

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