Top 10 BirdChannel News Stories Of 2015

From a missing cockatiel coming home to a man trying to become a parrot, here are the top news stories of this year.

It was a big year for parrots in the news. Check out the top 10 bird news article of 2015.

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1) Cockatiel Returns Home After Going Missing for 7 Months
An Australian couple gets their bird back seven months after it flew out their front door.

Firefighter parrots 

2) Firefighters Save Parrots From House Fire When The Birds Called Out For Help
Middleton Fire Department of Middleton, Idaho: You deserve all the birdie awards.

3) What Color Is This Dress … To Your Bird?
Blue and black? White and gold? Both? We decide.

4) Texas A&M Develops Vaccine for PDD
The new vaccine treats Proventricular Dilatation Disease, a deadly disease caused by avian bornavirus.

Ted, the parrot man 

5) Man Removes Ears To Look More Like Parrots
Ted Richards, also known as Ted the Parrot Man, has slowly been transforming himself to look like a parrot.

6) 7th Annual Parrot Lover’s Cruise Sets Sail October 25, 2015!
A portion of the proceeds from the cruise will benefit the World Parrot Trust.

7) Think Drawing Conclusions Is Just A Human Trait? Cockatoos Do It Too!
A study by the University of Vienna shows Goffin? cockatoos can infer by exclusion. 


8) Einstein The African Grey Was On America’s Got Talent
Learn a little about this talented parrot who lives at the Knoxville Zoo.

African grey

9) Rescuer Trying To Find Owner Of African Grey Who Flew Into A UK School Classroom
Anyone who might be missing a parrot is encouraged to contact the parrot rescue.

10) Police Detain Parrot In India Because Of Its Foul Mouth
The parrot was called in for questioning, but invoked its right to remain silent.

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