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Top 10 BirdChannel Articles Of 2015

Find out what everyone was reading this year.

Find out what everyone was reading this year.

birdchannel articles

Parrots may never be as popular as dogs and cats, but these top 10 articles of 2015 show people are interested in our feathered friends. From the best bird names, to the best talking pet birds to figuring out what parrots eat, bird people want to know a wide range of all things parrot.

Here are the top BirdChannel articles of 2015: 

1) Top 10 Pet Bird Names
Need a name for your pet bird, or want to know if your pet bird’s name makes the top 10? Check out this list of top 10 pet bird names, African grey parrot names, cockatiel names, conure names, macaw names, cockatoo names, lovebird names, Amazon parrot names and budgie names.

2) The Best Pet Birds For Kids
Check out these 9 pet birds that are perfect for children.

3) The Top 10 Best Pet Birds
Cockatiels, African greys, budgies, conures, macaws, cockatoos, Amazon parrots, Poicephalus parrots and quaker parrots ranked as the top 10 best pet birds. Find out more about each species here. parrots, Pionus

4) 10 Facts About Living With Parrots
Find out common misconceptions and interesting facts about having a pet bird.

5) Top 10 Cockatiel Questions Answered
Have a question about your cockatiel? Check our FAQ for answers!

6) What Do Parrots Eat?
Find out everything your pet bird eats, from bird seed to pellets to vegetables to fruits to proteins and more.

7) Top 3 Best Talking Parrots
African grey parrots, quakers and budgies/parakeets fly to the top three spots as the best talking pet birds.

8) 10 Tips To Teach Your Pet Parrot To Talk
Find out what pet birds are most likely to talk, what easy words you should teach your pet parrot and more.

9) All You Ever Wanted To Know About Bird Poop
Find out the answers about bird poop that you always wanted to know, such as why doesn’t bird poop smell or how often should a pet bird poop.

10) Build An Outdoor Bird Aviary
Build a beautiful outdoor bird aviary for your pet birds, parrots, doves, finches, toucans, lories or canaries.

What was your favorite BirdChannel article of 2015? Let us know in the comments.

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