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10.Sexing Rabbits And Separating Baby Rabbits From Their Mother
At what age can baby rabbits leave their mother and how are rabbits sexed? Click to continue>>

9. How Much Should You Feed A Guinea Pig
An owner is concerned about how much to feed her guinea pig and if you can overfeed it vegetables. Click to continue>>

8. Chinchilla Training 101
Training your chinchilla might be more difficult than expected. Click to continue>>

7. Ideal Guinea Pig Cages
Find out the ideal housing for your guinea pigs. Click to continue>>

6. Hedgehog Permit For Ownership In California
Is it possible to get a permit for owning a hedgehog in California or other states where it’s illegal? Click to continue>>

5. New Sugar Glider Checklist
Use this checklist of things to get before bringing a new sugar glider home. Click to continue>>

4. Basic Guinea Pig Training
Find out what you can train your guinea pig to do. Click to continue>>

3. The Ferret Poop Chart
A guide to what different types of poop might indicate about a ferret’s health. Click to continue>>

2. Signs Your Guinea Pig Is Sick
Look for signs to tell if your guinea pig is sick. Click to continue>>

1. Male Chinchilla Or Female Chinchilla
Find out how to tell the difference between a male and female chinchilla. Click to continue>>

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Build An Outdoor Bird Aviary
Build a beautiful outdoor bird aviary for your pet birds, finches, toucans, lories or canaries. Click to continue>>

Why Does My Cat Throw Up After Eating?
CatChannel veterinary expert, Arnold Plotnick, DVM, explains the possible causes for frequent vomiting in cats. Click to continue>>

Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed
Consider dog breeds that shed less and avoid hair-covered furniture. Click to continue>>

The Ferret Poop Chart

A guide to what different types of poop might indicate about a ferret’s health. Click to Continue>>

Controlling Ammonia In A Fish Aquarium
Keep aquarium ammonia under control and understand the nitrate cycle for tank health. Click to continue>>

Hay And Feeding Advice For Livestock Owners
Hay is the mainstay diet for our livestock. Learn the intricacies of hay types, nutritional content and quality before purchasing your next load. Click to continue>>

30 Best Horse Movies
Check out this list of the 30 best horse movies. Click to Continue>>

Coral Snakes
Coral snakes are secretive and seldom seen. Click to Continue>>

Setting Up Urban Chicken Coops
If backyard chickens are in your future, you need to plan and build them a home before they arrive. Click to continue>>

Behind The Scenes Of The Film ‘The Big Year’ With Cinematographer Lawrence Sher
The cinematographer calls the birding movie his ‘biggest dream project to date.’ Click to continue>>

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