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Visitors to found the following 10 articles most interesting in 2011.

Discover the most popular articles, best tips and hot insider guides that kept ferret owners and enthusiasts clicking for more on in 2011, counting down from 10 through 1.

10. How To Make A Ferret Shoe Bed
Use these step-by-step instructions to create a shoe bed for your ferret. Click to Continue>>

9. Revealing The Ferret Personality Types
Explore the outstanding ferret personality types and the factors that shape a ferret’s personality. Click to Continue>>

8. The Complete Scoop On Ferret Poop
Look at your ferret’s feces for some clues to its health. Click to Continue>>

7. Is My Ferret Too Thin?
What would cause a ferret to lose weight and become too thin, enough to see its bones? Click to Continue>>

6. The Evolution Of Ferret Cages
Today’s ferret cages evolved from outdoor hutches into ferret homes. Click to Continue>>

5. Crochet Your Own Ferret Toys
Use these three crochet patterns to create fun ferret toys. Click to Continue>>

4. Falling In Love With Ferrets
Ferrets bring new life to Joseph Bowker. Click to Continue>>

3. 20 Strange-But-Common Ferret Behaviors
Have you seen your ferret do any of these strange-but-common behaviors? Click to Continue>>

2. Amazing Ferret Abodes!
Four ferret owners share their secrets to crafting creative habitats for their pet ferrets. Click to Continue>>

1. The Ferret Poop Chart
A guide to what different types of poop might indicate about a ferret’s health. Click to Continue>>

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