Too Precious

Meet the photo contest winners who stole our hearts.

All puppies are cute. But some are extra cute: The way they look at you with their warm brown eyes. That slight tilt of their head when you pique their interest. Their generally goofy ways. How they snuggle up in your lap.

We pored through hundreds of entries for this year’s Too Precious Puppy Photo Contest, and the level of cuteness we saw set new records. We think we chose some darn cute pups! Congratulations to all our winners.

1st Place

Jed (age 6 months)
Pembroke Welsh Corgi owned by Melinda P. of Colorado

2nd Place
Maggie (age 3 months)
Beagle owned by Carlos R. of Florida

3rd Place
Jessie (age 5 months)
Golden Retriever owned by Lori H. of Arizona

Honorable Mention
(age 4 months)
Border Collie owned by Linda L. of Tennessee

Honorable Mention
(age 5 months)
Airedale Terrier owned by Kathy K. of California

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