Too Many Cats Online Cause Kitties to Escape Internet

ASPCA and Mashable use a clever video to raise awareness about kitten season.

‘Tis the season for… kittens? While it may sound like a joyous holiday full of loveable kittens you can’t wait to cuddle with, “kitten season,” which is from April to October, is when U.S. shelters are inundated with kittens that need forever homes.

In an effort to raise awareness about kitten season, ASPCA and Mashable teamed up to create a video postulating what would happen if the Internet were suddenly too small for all the kittens. Where would they go if there were no more room on YouTube or social media or worse, Cat Fancy? The video imagines they’d just pop right out of our computers, phones or tablets, ready to be our forever felines. Or maybe they’d just tell us to visit our local shelter and donate, volunteer or adopt a kitten or two.


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