Tonkey The Dog Looks Like A Bear And Everyone Has Fallen In Love

Tonkey is a Shar-Pei with a massive noggin', and she looks a lot like a bear. The Internet is going nuts about her.

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Nope, not a bear. Just a very sweet pup named Tonkey. Via Tonkey/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

The newest animal Internet star looks like a bear, but she isn’t at all.

Tonkey is a Chinese Shar-Pei with a giant, sweet face. And while she might have a bearlike coat, she is not an actual bear. Tonkey lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and her parents share her everyday antics on Facebook and Instagram.

Her Tonkeygrams have been dominating the ’gram, as she now has more than 41,000 followers.

Tonkey is a giant ball of fluff and she’s still growing. Tonkey is still a puppy, so by the time she reaches full adulthood, she’ll probably have her own reality show — at least that’s my guess.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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