Tom Hardy Takes His Dog To ‘Legend’ Premiere, Internet Collectively Swoons

Actor Tom Hardy looked dapper on the blue carpet at the premiere of his latest film, "Legend," but all eyes were on his dog, Woody.

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Cue the swoons. Via Alanna Bennett/Twitter
Chrissa Hardy

If you’ve never been much of a fan of Tom Hardy, you’re about to change your tune.

The talented actor and eternal dog lover took his dog, Woody, to the premiere of his latest film, Legend, last night, BuzzFeed reports. Woody strolled alongside Hardy on the blue carpet striking poses and breaking hearts along the way.

While Hardy wore a dapper three-piece navy suit, Woody sported a bow tie attached to his collar.

Seeing a dog on a red carpet is rare, but this is not the first time Hardy shown up at a movie premiere with a canine companion. Last September, Hardy attended the premiere of his film, The Drop, alongside his canine costar, a Pit Bull named Cora.

Woody seemed to have a blast stealing the spotlight, being showered with affection by Hardy’s costars, and even chasing a party-crashing pidgeon off the carpet. Meanwhile, Tom Hardy has captured the hearts of dog lovers, and ladies, everywhere.

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