Today’s 5 Cutest #ParrotsofInstagram Photos

Warning: Cute bird photos ahead!

I am always looking through the #parrotsofinstagram tag on Instagram to see all the cute uploads. Here are some of my favorites I’ve seen today.

This parrotlet is getting a new perspective on the world. 

For this Alexandrine parakeet, the phrase “Eyes are bigger than one’s stomach.”

Get lost! You’re not helping ??

A photo posted by @angryasian82 on

This green-winged macaw seems confused about which item is a pineapple.

This green-cheeked conure is catching up on some Z’s. 

This cockatiel looks like its pondering about the world. 

Bentinho lindo, lindo!!????

A photo posted by Fabiana Guimar? (@mydearpet) on

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