Today? Hand-Feeding Formulas

Check out some of the latest hand-feeding formulas available for your baby parrots

Hand-feeding a young parrot or other bird provides it with essential care and nutrition during an important developmental period. The food it receives at this point in its life will provide the building blocks for its future growth and development. Sick or injured birds might also require hand-feeding to ensure they?e eating enough to become well again.

Do not attempt to hand-feed a bird unless you have received detailed instruction. Improper feeding can result in injury, sickness or even death for the bird.

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Kaytee's Exact FormulaKaytee? Exact Formula
Kaytee Exact Hand-Feeding formula is made through a special process which produces an instant, nutritious formula with low bacteria levels. The high nutrition formula helps baby birds grow faster, wean earlier and develop better, brighter plumage than birds fed with homemade formulas.

“The neonatal period is the most important time for a chick,?said Michelle Goodman, avian research center manager for Kaytee. “Their growth and development rely heavily on the formula in which they are fed. With that said, a balanced, high-quality formula with optimum nutrition and special enzymes to aid in digestion is crucial.?lt;/span>

The Exact Hand-Feeding Formula is available in two varieties, including a higher-fat version. For more information, contact: 1-800-KAYTEE-1 or visit to view the hand-feeding video.

Lake's Unlimited, Inc.'s FormulaLake? Unlimited, Inc.? Formula
The Lake? Hand-Rearing formula is a finely ground version of their adult pelleted diet, so the baby bird receives ingredients identical to what its parents eat, allowing for better absorption and an easier transition period when its time to wean the bird to solid foods.

“A proven, high quality diet will provide the nutrients needed for the fast growth & development of young birds,?said Cheryl Lake, president of Lake? Unlimited. “The Lake? Hand-Feeding formula is identical to our Special Needs formula for breeding birds, this eliminates the stress of diet change when hand-rearing their young.?lt;/span>

It flows through most feeding instruments and contains no fillers, chemical dyes or artificial sweeteners. It may also be used as an egg food or mixed with prepared or cooked foods. For more information, contact: (800) 634-2473,

Ziegler's Hand-Feeding FormulaZiegler Bros, Inc.? Formula
The Zeigler Hand-Feeding Formula is a balanced diet for hand-rearing all hookbill species. The diet supplies essential amino and fatty acids, vitamins, trace minerals and energy required for the development and growth of baby birds.

“Baby birds can be fed this formula from day one to 45 days old,?said Susan Thompson, supervisor of Ziegler marketing services. “And it requires no other diet supplementation at this time.?lt;/span>

It? an easily digested formula that feeds easily. For more information, contact: (717) 677-6181,

ZuPreem's Hand-Feeding FormulaZuPreem? Embrace Formulas
The Embrace Hand-Feeding formulas were specifically developed as complete diets for hand-rearing baby birds. The formulas stay mixed in solution and in the crop so babies safely consume and easily digest essential nutrients not just water. These energy-dense formulas result in superior weight gain so birds move quickly to the weaning stage.

“Unlike homemade hand-feeding diets of the past, today? commercial formulas are the result of expert nutrition research that assures baby birds are getting the same precise, balanced and consistent nutrition in every feeding, resulting in faster growth and stronger, healthier baby birds,?said Darlia Morris, DVM, director of technical affairs at ZuPreem.

It? available in two varieties, one with a higher fat content. For more information, contact: (800) 345-4767,

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