To Protect and Serve

The independent Anatolian Shepherd Dog needs a strong leader and a flock to guard.

Sasha knows when an ordinary event turns into an emergency — and exactly how to avert a disaster. One day when Sasha, her owner Debi G., and 10-week-old puppy Aly were walking to Debi’s horse barn, Aly suddenly dashed into a nearby pasture that held a highly territorial mare.

“The mare went for Aly, pinning and stomping her,” says Debi, a breeder in Florida and vice president of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America. “I jumped the fence and distracted the mare by yelling and waving my arms. She came after me then, but Sasha ducked under the fence and got between the mare and me, barking and circling her. I grabbed Aly, who miraculously had only a broken leg, and got out.”

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