TMZ Gets Cat Fancy’s Reponse to Hero Cat Story

What happens when Cat Fancy and a hero cat become celebrities? They both wind up on a celebrity gossip website, of course.

TMZ yesterday aired a TV report on Cat Fancy’s coverage of hero cat Tara, the tabby who held off a dog attack on a little boy before it got worse.

Cat Fancy is pursuing a story with the owners of the brave cat and wants to share this rare story, which could change minds on felines.

Tara’s actions have also drawn minor league baseball attention, too. The hero cat will “throw” the ceremonial first pitch at a hometown team Bakersfield Blaze’s May 20 game. The team said it was official on its Twitter feed today.

To recap,  4-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo was playing in his family’s driveway when a  neighbor’s dog ran up unexpectedly and bit the boy’s leg. The Triantafilo family cat, Tara, then sped into the driveway, jumped on the dog and chased it away.

A media blitz followed, with every network news outlet airing stories on the cat. The story also held web visitors in thrall, with reports from news outlets like Huffington Post as well as cat-specific sites such as Jackson Galaxy’s and Cat Fancy’s.

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