12 Reasons Black Cats Rule

In honor of National Black Cat Day, here are 12 reasons to love black cats.

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Don't let the old folklore or stereotypes fool you. Black cats make great pets! Via meinbouw/Instagram
Stephanie Brown

Black cats are some of the most gorgeous cats around, but they often fall victim to negative stereotypes. Due to superstition, they’re associated with bad luck and mischief. That’s probably why black cats and kittens get overlooked in animal shelters all the time.

October 27 is National Black Cat Day in the United Kingdom — not to be confused with Black Cat Appreciation Day, which is celebrated on August 17. It’s a day to celebrate black cats everywhere and to recognize they need and deserve love just as much as any cat.

In honor of the observance, let’s shatter some stereotypes, shall we? Here are 12 reasons black cats rule.

1. They are super cute.

Oh, so you think black cats aren’t cute? Um, hello. Have you seen this kitten?

2. They make the best little derp faces.

Happy #nationalblackcatday from me and my crazy little Seamus

A photo posted by Oh Someday Jewellery (@ohsomedayjewellery) on


3. They have absolutely stunning eyes.

“Look into my eyes and you will fall in love.”

4. They always let you know you’ve done a good job.


“Nice job, buddy.”

5. They help you keep your priorities in check.

Pets now. Work later.

6. They help you improve your selfie game.


“Now let’s do a silly one.”

7. They take their grooming very seriously.


Gotta keep that black fur nice and shiny.

8. They won’t spill your secrets.

It probably doesn’t hurt that they can’t actually speak.

9. They let you watch whatever you want to on TV.

No remote wars here.

10. They are smart kitties.

Via PERTIES1891/YouTube

Via PERTIES1891/YouTube

Of course you can teach a black cat to fetch.

11. They’re the furthest thing from evil.

Look at how precious!

12. And they just want to be loved.

I want my money back!?#catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #blackcatsrule

A video posted by Kellie Elder (@keylimepunk) on

Not even $5 can keep this black cat away.

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