Tissue-Worthy PSA Features Elderly Man and His Dog

A plea for organ donors will leave you in tears.

There are numerous Public Service Announcements. Many of them feature dogs. Of course, all the ones that feature dogs are touching. How could they not be? But this one in particular, made by Fundacion Argentina de Trasplante Hepatico, is especially so. Bring out the tissues!

The PSA for organ donation starts with an elderly man and his faithful canine companion. The dog wakes the man up in the morning and waits while the man has his tea. They go for walks together, run errands together – they are, by all accounts, inseparable. But then one evening, the man experiences a medical emergency and is taken to the hospital. The dog, unwilling to leave his human, runs after the ambulance and waits outside the hospital. For hours. For days.

The man never comes out. A woman in a wheelchair does. The dog, seemingly recognizing his former human in her (since her life was saved because the man was an organ donor), happily approaches her.

Like I said, tissue-worthy. Watch the video and let us know what you think.

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