‘Tis the Season for Cat Gifts

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, discusses dos and don'ts for cats this holiday season, including some great cat gift ideas.

Q: What are your favorite cat toys for holiday gifts?

A: Cat toys are so much fun and I always say you do not have to spend tons of money on them; a bag of fresh catnip goes a long way. One client of mine puts a small amount of fresh catnip on a special square of carpeting for her cat. She calls it his “nip rug” and he can’t wait to have his nip.

At this time of year, remember our cats – and that includes encouraging a safe holiday. Here are my holiday toy dos and don’ts.

Holiday Dos: My Top Five Cat Toys
1. Catnip. There is nothing better. All sorts of catnip toys will drive your kitties wild, but you can also make good use of a bag of fresh catnip. I take old socks, fill them with catnip, tie both ends and toss them to my cats.

2. Pipe cleaners. You can find these great cat toys in most craft stores. Buy the multi-colored variety, twist them into spirals and watch your cats chase them across the floor.

3. Wire Dancer. One ingenious toy consists simply of a long curled wire with small bits of cardboard in each end. Cats are mesmerized by the motion of the cardboard as the wire dances and bounces.

4. Multi-colored foil balls. These crinkly toys are a hit in my house. It’s the noise that grabs them.

5. Turbo Toy. This has many varieties, but basically consists of a circular plastic tube with a ball inside. Cats can bat the ball as it zooms around the tube. It can also come with corrugated cardboard in the center for double the fun.

Holiday Don’ts: Toy Hazards
1. Do not leave out toys with feathers or string when you are not home. If swallowed, they can cause serious problems.

2. Please do not sprinkle catnip on any food. I did know someone who thought this was a good idea and then wondered why her poor cat was sick.

3. Never point a laser toy at a cat’s eyes or face.

4. Be careful with toys that have loose yarn around them. Your cats could swallow them.

5. Shopping bags are irresistible to cats, but please cut off the handles before you let cats play with bags. Handles can easily get wrapped around cats’ necks.

Wishing you and your amazing cats a wonderful holiday. As always I welcome your comments and stories.

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