Tips to Prevent Contracting Psittacosis

Use these tips to prevent you and your bird from contracting psittacosis.

Prevent Psittacosis – Tip 1
When buying a bird, look for a bright-eyed, active, vocal bird with normal droppings; all signs of a healthy bird.

Prevent Psittacosis – Tip 2
Talk to your vet and establish a quarantine or isolation program for new birds.

Prevent Psittacosis – Tip 3
Have new birds examined and tested for psittacosis by an avian veterinarian.

Prevent Psittacosis – Tip 4
Buy birds from breeders or stores with good reputations.

Prevent Psittacosis – Tip 5
At the pet store or breeder, ask if their flock is periodically tested or treated for psittacosis.

Prevent Psittacosis – Tip 6
Observe your flock and look for birds not acting like the other ones.

Prevent Psittacosis – Tip 7
Take a bird to a vet immediately if it shows signs of psittacosis.


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