Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

19 things to remember before you go.

Dr. Peter Eeg offers a few tips for traveling with your dog.

Before you leave:

1.   Attach your dog’s identification and rabies tags firmly to its collar.

2.   Apply flea or tick repellant as recommended by your veterinarian.

3.   Get a copy of your dog’s veterinary record.

4.   Ask your veterinarian for a reference to a vet in the city you’re visiting.

In the car:

1.   Have your dog’s nails clipped before the trip to protect the car’s upholstery from scratches or tears.

2.   Save a place for the dog to sit or lie in the car.

3.   Don’t permit the dog to hand its head outside the window.

4.   Never leave your dog unattended in a motor vehicle, even for a minute.

5.   Stop at regular intervals to give your dog a drink and a short run.

6.   Keep your dog on a leash.

Pack a travel kit including:

1.   A sufficient supply of your dog’s regular food.

2.   Can opener for canned food.

3.   Food and water dishes.

4.   Bottled water.

5.   Your dog’s favorite toy.

6.   Your dog’s favorite treat.

7.   A towel or paper towels for clean up.

8.   Scooper and plastic bags for cleaning up after your pet.

Additionally, don’t leave your dog alone in a motel room unless it is in a travel crate. You don’t want your dog to escape when the maid opens the door to clean the room and you don’t want to deal with accidents that might occur while you’re away.

If your dog becomes ill, be prepared to take him to a veterinarian. Seeking care for the animal should not wait until you get home.

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