Tips for Smooth Trips With Dogs

Eight essential tips for traveling with your dog.

Crate expectations: Make the trip more comfortable for your dog with a familiar crate. Remember to never leave a leash or lead in a crate.

Groom well: Brush your dog’s coat and clip his nails before leaving.

Make a list: Remember the essentials such as water, food, bedding, toys and dishes, a first-aid kit, and car-seat covers.

Check it twice: Make sure your dog has a current tag or microchip. Also, bring a current health and rabies certificate and a recent photo.

Escalator endeavors: Your dog’s nails and fur can get stuck in escalators. Pick up the crate or your dog, or take the elevator to avoid danger.

No sedatives: The ASPCA advises pet owners to avoid using sedatives, which can interfere with balance and breathing. Try herbal formulas to relax your dog naturally.

Food frenzy: Feed your dog a light meal three or four hours before departure. Never feed a dog in a moving car, and make sure to feed your dog before flying.

Check-ups: Check your dog’s health every day you’re away from home. Look for runny nose and eyes, scratching or biting, lumps, limping, or loss of appetite. See a local veterinarian with any concerns.

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