Tips for Owners of Deaf Dogs

How to make life with a deaf dog a little easier.

Connie Bombaci offers this advice to make life with a deaf dog a little easier:

  1. Learn to communicate with them their way, with body language.
  2. Always let them know you are nearby.
  3. Approach them slowly from the front where they can see you.
  4. Always be gentle with touch and gesture.
  5. Use only praise, encouraging touch and positive reinforcement. Lots of it!
  6. Allow them to approach a newcomer first by smelling the person’s palm. Never allow a stranger or anyone to rush in.
  7. Keep them on leashes and close to you when out on walks.
  8. Tether them to you in the house in order to help with initial adjustment, house training, bonding and helping them feel safe. Massage also helps establish closeness and trust.
  9. Provide secure outdoor fencing for their safety. Deaf dogs can’t hear dangers.
  10. Work with them in an established and continual training program.
  11. Love and accept them with their special needs.

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