Tips for Dogs and Fireworks

Keep July 4th safe for your dog with these eight tips.

While July 4th celebrations are fun for us, the bright flashes and loud noises of fireworks can be downright frightening for dogs.

To keep your dog safe and comfortable this summer, the International Association of Canine Professionals offers these tips:

  1. Keep your dog at home when you go to celebrations where fireworks will be set off.
  2. Provide your dog with a safe and comfortable place that will help her feel more secure. Close blinds or curtains to keep out the flashes created by fireworks, and turn up the TV or radio to help muffle the loud noises.
  3. Keep your dog out of his crate during the fireworks. If he gets frightened or panicked, he could injure himself.
  4. Consider herbal remedies or prescription sedatives – ask your veterinarian about the best options for your dog.
  5. Give your dog a massage before and during fireworks to help keep him calm.
  6. Attach a leash to your dog, should he try to escape. Make sure he’s wearing his ID tags, too, in case he does manage to slip out.
  7. Try not to comfort or baby your dog too much. If you offer soothing words and gestures, he may misinterpret your actions as praise for being frightened.
  8. Act as “matter of fact” as possible to help show your dog that there is nothing to worry about.
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