Tips for Coping With Your Cat Bereavement

Allow yourself to experience your cats loss and bring closure, find acceptance and feel peace.

Cat1. Reach out to people who will take your grief seriously. You don’t have to suffer alone.

2. Give yourself permission to grieve. Be tender and accepting of your feelings, and get extra rest as needed; grieving is fatiguing.

3. Treat your deceased cat as a unique loss. Your special friend can never be replaced.

4. Avail yourself of supportive resources. There are hotlines and pet-loss support groups to help you through.

5. Exercise and eat right to elevate your mood and overall health.

6. Avoid people who invalidate or make light of your grief.

7. Think positive. Remember the good times and funny memories.

8. Avoid black-and-white thinking such as, “I’ll never get over this,” or “She was the only friend I ever had.”

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