Tips for Cat Photo Shoots

Think your cat has what it takes to be in a magazine? Follow these tips to prepare your cat to be photographed.

Camera-ready cat in article about tips for taking good photos of your cat.Is your cat camera-ready? Photographing cats professionally for publication can be challenging, but not impossible, especially with a little help from owners. What can you do to help your cat get ready for a professional photo shoot? A little research and a lot of patience will take you and your cat a long way toward reaching your goal of seeing your pet published in a book, calendar or magazine.

First, one of the most important elements in a publishable photo is a beautiful cat. How can you make sure your cat looks its best? I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to know how to properly groom your cats. To research your cats breeds, visit your local library or online bookstore and look for cat breed books. These books offer detailed breed descriptions and show photos of how each breed should look. Even if your cats are not pedigreed, you can still identify their markings (i.e., tabby or calico) and groom them properly.

Next, on to “hair and makeup.” Cats are very clean creatures, but a little grooming before a photo shoot will make them really shine. Proper grooming starts with good technique and frequency to help your cats grow accustomed to it. Nothing stresses cats out more than sneak attack grooming followed by a car ride. Cats that are groomed regularly usually come to enjoy it.

Also remember that many cat photo sessions occur in a studio setting. To ensure that your cats are comfortable upon arriving at the studio, take them on short trips in the car to get them used to traveling. A calm cat is essential to a successful photo session.

Finally, if you want to see what the finished product of successful cat photo shoots with a cat looks like, check out some professional cat calendars at your local bookstore and page through CAT FANCY magazines.

If you think your cats are model material, do your research, groom properly, get them used to traveling and try really hard not to be a “stage parent.” Trust me, your cat’s photographer will thank you.

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