Tiny Kitten Tries To Start A Fight With The World’s Most Patient Dalmatians

Uno the kitten picked the right dogs to hit in the face repeatedly.

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These two Dalmatians just roll with the punches.

OK, take a second and think about all of the times you’ve had to be extraordinarily patient. Maybe you chose not to honk at the driver who was so wrapped up in his phone call that he didn’t notice that the light turned green, and then yellow… and then back to red. Or maybe it was not shouting at the woman who not only cut in line at the Whole Foods register, but had at least five times the five item limit. You still cannot compete with Louie and Lady, the world’s most patient Dalmatians.

"I know you're going to smack me, so just do it."

“I know you’re about to smack me, so just do it.” Via Rumble Viral/YouTube

RumbleViral posted this YouTube video of a 5-week old foster kitten named Uno seemingly at the moment where she discovers her hand-paw coordination. For one silent minute (there isn’t any sound, so don’t hit your speakers), Uno rolls over one of the Dalmatian’s front paws, before batting at the dogs’ faces. And then she continues to bat away, with one paw, then the other paw, then both paws at once. And those incredibly gentle dogs just allow it to happen, softly nudging her with their noses.

kitten fight

Boom, boom, POW! Via RumbleViral/YouTube

It’s definitely the cutest thing you’ll see today. Especially if you watch it while you’re standing in li – HEY LADY, IT’S FIVE ITEMS OR LESS.

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