Tiny Hamster Visits Disney World

Disney World laid out the welcome for Tiny Hamster, and it makes for an epic video.

Tiny Hamster on teacups
Via HelloDenizen/YouTube 
A hamster wearing mouse ears? It’s part of the fun at Disney World!

After eating tiny burritos, having a birthday party, facing an eating contest, having a barbecue and more, what’s does Tiny Hamster do? He goes to Disney World! And it’s quite an adventure to see Disney World from Tiny Hamster’s viewpoint. You might call it a whole new world! But even if the viewpoint differs, many of the adventures are the same.

First stop is meeting the one and only Mickey Mouse and securing an autograph. We’ve all had one of those character autograph books, right? And although Disney World is known for its amazing rides, it also has fun food to sample — and Tiny Hamster samples his share, stuffing his cheeks with churros, what looks like french fries and some sort of pudding dessert. We also get to see Tiny Hamster ride the teacups and the Haunted Mansion. Clever camera angles at the teacups really put Tiny Hamster in the action.

The fun day is capped off when Tiny Hamster watches the electric parade and fireworks. Almost anyone who goes to Disney World takes snapshots so they have mementoes of their adventure, and Tiny Hamster is no exception. His snapshots include visits to Disney’s Epcot and Animal Kingdom parks. 

I think my favorite moment of Tiny Hamster’s visit to the Magic Kingdom is when he was eating in Tomorrowland. He pauses with the food in his mouth and then turns to look right into the camera. The look on his face? Priceless. What is your favorite moment?

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