Tiny Hamster & Friends Celebrate Thanksgiving

HelloDenizen debuts the fourth Tiny Hamster installment.

The Tiny Hamster is back once again – this time to celebrate Thanksgiving. A human pilgrim carefully prepares the animal-friendly feast for the Tiny Hamster and his friends, which include a rat and a rabbit. The friends gather around the festively decorated dinner table wearing pilgrim hats. They are ready for their meal. One can only assume their pre-dinner thanks involved a toast to their unlikely friendship, and their anticipation of the meal is evident when it arrives. The Tiny Hamster seems especially grateful the food is ready. As with lots of tables once the food is served, everyone was too busy eating to speak – a true sign of a great Thanksgiving meal. The Tiny Hamster’s Tiny Thanksgiving was a success!

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Will your small animal be part of your Thanksgiving celebration? Let us know in the comments.

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