Tiny French Bulldog Wakes His Owner Up In The Cutest Way

If you have to wake up early, you might as well wake up to this adorable pup.

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Link doesn't seem to have a snooze button.

The Ruggie, which is currently racking up dollars from Kickstarter backers, is a combination alarm clock and plush rug that cannot be turned off until you get out of bed and stand on it. Instead of a snooze button, it comes loaded with motivational quotes to help you start your day, a feature that pretty much ensures that the first word out of my mouth would be four-letters long and unprintable here.

If there really could be a perfect alarm clock, it would look a lot like Link. In a video posted to YouTube Tuesday, the tiny French Bulldog wakes up his owner, Sean Sarantos, by playfully biting at his face, which is soooo much cuter than a glorified floor mat.

In addition to YouTube, Sarantos, an Air Force veteran and personal trainer, posted the video of “Stinky Linky” nibbling at his beard on Facebook (and YouTube and Instagram), where it has racked up more than 700,000 combined likes and shares. And why not? If you can’t sleep in, you might as well wake up in the cutest possible way.

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