Tiny French Bulldog Is Determined To Protect His House From A Deer

Despite being undersized and potentially outmatched, this dog is not going to let Bambi get by him.

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"You shall not pass!"

A few years ago, a performance apparel company (whose name rhymes with Schmunder Schmarmer) had an inescapable commercial with the tagline “We must protect this house!” For thirty solid seconds, beefed up athletes did power cleans and dumbbell curls and paced around a gym, presumably to show how capable they were of protecting said house. They could do that, or they could just take a lesson from this little French Bulldog.

Dog Deer Gif

“Must. Save. Family.” Via AFV Animals/YouTube

In a YouTube video posted by AFV Animals, a dog spots a young deer — one who looks like his velvet antlers could throw him off balance — in his backyard and goes into full “Protect This House” mode. He barks, he chases the deer and he does everything he can to more or less say “BEAT IT, BAMBI.”

The deer doesn’t seem to know exactly what to do, whether it’s because he’s never seen a dog before or he’s just never seen such a frenzied dog before. Either way, he lowers his head, gingerly moves his legs and more or less just waits to see whether the Frenchie is going to wear himself out or not. (He does not).

Via AFV Animals/YouTube

“I’m over here! Now I’m over here!” Via AFV Animals/YouTube

So the next time you need inspiration, whether it’s before an athletic pursuit, an academic one or just before that big Power Point presentation at the office, forget the muscle-bound modern day Spartans and channel your inner French Bulldog. You WILL protect this house! Or, um, the backyard or the conference room.

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