Tiny Dog Destroys Guinness World Record in Competition

Chihuahua-Papillon-Mix, Konjo, is the fastest dog on two legs.

A two-pound PapillonChihuahua mix named Konjo from Tustin, California has set a Guinness World record for fastest time running 5 meters on two legs. 

The feat was completed on December 22nd, but it took officials a good amount of time to review the attempt. Today, Konjo is officially the fastest pup on two paws. Her time? 2.39 seconds, which is about 5 seconds under the previous record holder.


The record had originally been set by Jiff, a Pomeranian from Los Angeles, last year, at 7.76 seconds. Reportedly, Konjo ran the 5 meters on her front legs in under 3 seconds multiple times on the day of the event.


Konjo runs on two legs for Guinness Book World Record




According to her owner, Julia Pasternack, the dog was raised in a two-story home, where she got used to going up and down stairs that were taller than her, motivating her to learn how to walk just on her front legs. With enough praise from the entertaining behavior, she kept on doing it.



Dog runs on two legs for Guinness Book World Record




Next stop for Konjo? The rest of the world. Pasternack is an avid traveler, and is currently looking to take Konjo’s show on the road. Pasternack has turned to a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to support the tour. She hopes to raise $10,000 to take Konjo to orphanages and hospitals in Asia and Europe. Visit her page at gofundme.com/walkmydog for more information.



Konjo and his owner for Guinness Book World Record




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