Time-Lapse Video Shows Golden Retriever Puppies Growing Up While Racing To Dinner

From birth to old age, dogs live for dinnertime. Here's a time-lapse video that shows just how much these two puppies love it.

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Get ready... HERE. THEY. COME.
Chrissa Hardy

When the dinnertime bell sounds, the dogs come-a-runnin’.

In a video uploaded to YouTube this week by user Cheese Pups, two Golden Retriever puppies named Colby and Bleu race to their dinner bowls each night over the course of nine months.

Last one there is a rotten egg! Via YouTube

Last one there is a… dog who will still inhale a full dish of food! Via YouTube

Thanks to a strategically placed camera, we get to see the dogs running full speed over and over again toward their food. In true puppy fashion, their eyes and their feet are bigger than the rest of them, and on several occasions, at least one of the puppies crashes into the cabinets on his way to the food bowls.

Some things never change. Via YouTube

Some things never change. Via YouTube

As the video progresses, we see the puppies grow from cute 11-week fuzz balls to lanky adolescents. It’s a great reminder of how fast time flies and to cherish every moment!

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